Staci Chimes

Staci’s love for the arts started from a young age. She spent many nights of her youth – on the floor consumed for hours by her paintings, blaring soulful tunes and thinking of nothing else in the world. It has always been her outlet.

Staci went to school for psychology – but has always been an entrepreneur by nature. She started businesses of her own, and then ended up in sales and knew it wasn’t the path for her. Staci worked as a sales manager for a cidery, and found herself in a huge slump – unhappy, stressed, and constantly on the road. She decided to take a medical leave and the stars aligned! She found tattooing at 28 years old – and it changed her life in so many ways. Staci feels so much gratitude every day to be able to pursue her creative passion, and work for herself.

Meeting so many people from different walks of life, finding community within the arts, and feeling so much support from all of her clients, it has been a journey she only could have dreamt about before.

Staci has been focusing on fine tuning her craft, building a rather large following in a short couple of years, and traveling to conventions and well renowned shops to network and expand on her opportunities for the future.

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