Rosemarie Philip

Be Clear. Be Kind. Be Human. 

Rosemarie excels at leaning into crucial conversations and providing a safe environment for diverse perspectives to be valued. She has spent over 15 years as a leadership coach and organization development consultant, working across industries with individuals, businesses, mission-driven organizations, and the public sector.

To thrive in today’s world, leaders must navigate ambiguity more than ever before. Customers, shareholders, and donors alike expect accountability, integrity, and commitment to things that matter to them and the world at large. Leaning in during transition and building resiliency are no longer nice-to-haves, they are critical. The pandemic has brought a reckoning across generations of getting back to self, aligning with personal values, and a desire to create what she calls a life well-loved.

Rosemarie embraces all the detours. Living with chronic illness has taught her to appreciate the true nature and dynamic seasons of life. She experienced delayed and misdiagnosis, shame, pain, fear, isolation, judgment, physician and appointment anxiety, and treatment roulette. With the marked increase of those living with chronic illness due to the pandemic, Rosemarie created an inclusive online space to help others learn illness acceptance and cultivate a life well-loved where joy and pain can co-exist.

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