Melissa Schwartz

Melissa Schwartz was born an intense, sensitive, empathic, power seeker. Her intuitive ability to decode misbehavior and her passion for giving a voice to the legitimate needs of children naturally evolved into becoming the co-creator of Leading Edge Parenting. Melissa has worked with children for over fifteen years and began using Sandi as her personal coach while nannying in college. Years of practical experience taught Melissa how to encourage cooperative and kind behavior with love and wisdom.

Melissa has the unique ability to articulate the inner world of high-spirited youngsters and gives parents step-by-step strategies to eliminate power struggles and inspire kindness, cooperation and responsibility. She is a respected expert in the field of Highly Sensitive Children and brings clarity, personal experience and compassion for parents raising HSCs so they can thrive in a de-sensitized world. Melissa is a Stanford University alumna and a graduate of the University of Massachusetts at Amherst.

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